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E92 M3 Photo

E92 M3
E92 M3 - 2008 to ?

With over four hundred horsepower, the E92 M3 sees the first time regular production M3's will come with a V8. Along with the usual M magic worked on the E92 3 series platform and design, it will come with a 7spd SMG to harness the new power and torque.

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E46 M3 Photo

E46 M3
E46 M3 - 2001 to 2006

Three hundred thirty-three horsepower from a high-revving 3.2-liter inline six. That prodigious output, measuring better than 100 horsepower per liter, was the same for both US and Euro versions, and further elevated the performance to a new level.

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E36 M3 Photo

E36 M3
E36 M3 - 1992 to 1999

Better known than its narrowly focused predecessor, the E36 M3 was based on the then-current E36 3 Series. Making its US debut for 1995, this M3 had a mission beyond BMW Mís usual dedication to great performance and handling: to bring BMW M and its great driving machines to a wider spectrum of U.S. buyers.

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E30 M3 Photo

E30 M3
E30 M3 - 1985 to 1990

The E30 was the first BMW M3. It came into existence mainly for Group A racing, which required production of at least 5,000 road car examples for homologation. A race car detuned for the street.

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Press Kit: The New BMW M3 (E92)

E92 M3
E92 M3
E92 M3
E92 M3

See More Press Photos of the E92 M3 (European Model)

E92 M3 Official Press Kit

PLEASE NOTE: The attached press release describes the European version of the New BMW M3. US equipment and specifications will not be finalized until closer to US market introduction time.
page 2 - Description in Brief.
page 4 - Turning Powerful Passion into Supreme Performance:The new BMW M3.
page 18 -Specifications BMW M3 Coupé.
page 19 -Output and Torque Diagram.

Download the Full Official Press Release in pdf format


Brand-new in technology and design.

Within the BMW M GmbH model range, the BMW M3 has always been that very special model living up in full to its motorsport heritage. Indeed, this already applied to the very first BMW M3 launched in 1986 and continued throughout the two subsequent model generations. And now this supremacy comes out once again most clearly in the 2007 version of the BMW M3.

Although the latest generation of the BMW M3 was based in its development on the new BMW M3 Coupé, the new high-performance model differs from the "regular" coupé in terms of both looks and technical features. Apart from the car's unique design as well as its drivetrain and suspension technology conceived from the start for supreme performance, lightweight technology came right at the top in the brief given to the engineers at BMW M. And just how consistently this development target has been translated into reality in terms of intelligent lightweight engineering is borne out by the car's power-to-weight ratio of only 3.8 kg (8.4 lb) per horsepower.

One of the reasons for this low weight is that the new BMW M3 is the first production car in its segment to boast a roof made of carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic (CFP). And in all, the new BMW M3, with the exception of just a few components, is indeed completely new in its engineering and design concept, clearly reflecting the successful tradition of BMW M GmbH.

Apart from the load-bearing structure of the car, only the two doors, the bootlid, the windows, the headlights and rear lights have been carried over from the 3 Series Coupé. All other body components, by contrast, were specially developed for the new BMW M3.

The unique character of the new BMW M3 is obvious at first sight: Over and above the engine compartment lid with its striking powerdome and the two air intake openings, the function-oriented design of the front and rear air dams, the so-called gills in the front side panels, the side-sills also in distinctive design, the roof made of clearly visible carbon fibre, as well as the exterior mirrors and light-alloy wheels in BMW M design clearly characterise the new model from the ground up. The exterior, in turn, through its athletic and aesthetic appearance, powerfully underlines the sporting qualities of the car.

The exterior paintwork likewise adds an individual touch, offering the connoisseur not only numerous additional colours, but also four special paintwork options exclusive to BMW M.

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The New V8 Power Unit for the M3

* European press kit - US specifications not finalized at press time.
Page 2: Description in Brief
Page 3: Short Version
Page 8: Long Version
Page 23: Specifications
Page 24: Output and Torque Diagram

Download the Full Official Press Release

  • First eight-cylinder for the BMW M3 sports car.
  • Supreme performance ensured by 309 kW/420 hp from 4.0 litres.
  • Maximum torque of 400 Newton-metres (295 lb-ft) at 3, 900 rpm, 85 per cent of maximum torque over a speed range of 6,500 rpm.
  • Unique thrust and muscle ensured by consistent implementation of the M high-speed engine concept, maximum engine speed 8,300 rpm.
  • Consistent lightweight construction of engine and ancillary units, new V8 power unit one of the lightest eight-cylinders in the world, lighter than the straight-six power unit in the former model.
  • Variable camshaft control, low-pressure double-VANOS for an optimum charge cycle, system offering full power and performance even with normal engine oil pressure.
  • Eight individual throttle butterflies for spontaneous engine response.
  • Consistent and reliable oil supply with longitudinal and lateral acceleration up to 1.4 g ensured by two oil pumps and wet sump oil lubrication optimised for supreme dynamic behaviour.
  • Exhaust system optimising cylinder charge, optimised for weight and function by means of internal high-pressure remoulding, exhaust emissions fulfil EU4 and LEV 2 standards.
  • Upgraded MSS60 engine control unit for optimum coordination of all engine functions with the various control systems in the car.
  • Ion flow technology recognising and distinguishing engine knocking phenomena as well as misfiring and miscombustion by measurement of ion flow in the combustion chambers.
  • Brake Energy Regeneration with intelligent alternator control.

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E92 M3 Concept - 2007 Geneva

E92 M3
E92 M3
E92 M3
E92 M3

See More Press Photos of the E92 M3 Concept

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View Webcast of the BMW Group Press Conference at Geneva 2007

The BMW M3 Concept Car.
Description in Brief.

  • Concept study of a BMW M3 by BMW M GmbH, dimensions and fundamental form based on BMW 3 Series Coupé, exclusive new engineering of almost every body element, purpose-built for individualistic form and maximum sporting potential.
  • At the core of this concept study is an M3-typical V8 engine tuned to the high revving M concept.
  • Front design conveying a high performance sports car, functional execution of the front apron and engine compartment lid, a robust Powerdome and large air intakes that express the vehicle’s superior drive power, particularly voluminous air intakes for ample air supply to the engine compartment through the elimination of fog lamps, typical of M, and a front apron in a pronounced forward position that symbolises the car’s motoring spirit.
  • Sharply defined wheel arches, gill-shaped openings in the front side walls with an elaborate three-dimensional design typical of M cars, and chrome brackets with integrated direction indicators.Characteristic M-brand side skirts providing the side view with an energy-laden accent, visual emphasis of the rear-wheel drive and car’s wide track, 19-inch light alloy rims with the characteristic Y-spoke design, exclusive exterior mirrors with an aerodynamically optimised design.
  • Rear design with horizontal lines accentuating the car’s wide track, pronounced wheel orientation as a symbol of its powerful stance, rear diffuser that mirrors design elements of the front apron, balanced proportions underlining the BMW M3’s supremacy, M-typical double tailpipes arranged toward the centre of the vehicle.
  • Intelligent lightweight construction that directly influences the vehicle’s agility and dynamic performance, aluminium engine compartment lid. Side walls made of synthetic material and CFRP roof that optimise weight distribution and centre of gravity, visible CFRP roof construction as an additional design element, emphasis of flat silhouette and high tech character of the vehicle.

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