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BlazenXLT Fri, Aug-01-2008 01:53:47 AM

BlazenXLT - '02 M3 - Journal
I thought I would go ahead and start a journal section, both for others to follow, and for myself, just to record all M3 related events/mods. Comments/questions welcome. :thumbsup2:

22 Sept 2007
Bought the car. I had been looking for an M3 for several months. I'd even test drove a few, but none fit my list of wants within my budget. My parents actually found the one I bought at Richmond BMW when they were looking to replace my mom's 325.

The only issue I had with the car when I bought it was that the two front tires were badly cupped. You could hear it and feel it through the steering wheel. The dealership did not have replacements in stock, so our deal included an IOU for a fresh pair of front tires. I was also given a 30 day warranty since the car was out of it's original warranty.

The car had been bought new at Richmond BMW and only had one owner. The dealership gave me the computerized printout of all the maintenance that had been done. The first owner followed the recommendations perfectly. He even had many interior parts replaced when the paint cracked, and window seals replaced when they fell. What really put it over the top was when they handed me the paper that was kept in the glove box. It was hand written notes of all the services, and the oil changes done in between each service. You couldn't ask for a better previous owner.

BlazenXLT Fri, Aug-01-2008 02:09:11 AM

1 Oct 2007

Service Engine Soon. Damn.

Since I was due for the next oil change and the SES light was on, I went ahead and visited Martin's Auto Service (Gaithersburg MD, great little shop). The fault code was for the exhaust camshaft position sensor. The bigger problem was the oil leak they found at the front of the engine. Damn.

I notified the dealership since I was still within warranty. An appointment was made for me to go back to Richmond to get everything done. New tires (and alignment, so it doesn't happen again), replace bad sensor, fix oil leak.

Again, I thank Richmond BMW. I was given a loaner and a week later picked up my car. My final invoice included new front tires, alignment, new camshaft sensor, new final stage blower resistor (fan started to act up), and fixing the oil leak (consisted of probably two dozen seals and gaskets and TONS of labor). The total was $2819.76...all covered.

BlazenXLT Fri, Aug-01-2008 02:23:43 AM

Winter 2007/Spring 2008

First round of accessories/mods

- Wheel locks
- Various detailing supplies (expensive hobby :roll:)
- Painted reflectors
- Ordered RTABS for later installation
- Streamline filter

When I replaced the filter, I went ahead and cleaned the MAF sensor.

Reflectors in

In March, I also did my first DIY oil change with an extractor. Very cool toy and it makes the change super easy.

BlazenXLT Fri, Aug-01-2008 02:32:38 AM

April 2008

A good friend of mine crashed his car and replaced it with a B6 S4. Sweet.

Here are a couple pics from a ride we did.

It fun to drive both back to back. For how similar they are in performance numbers, they couldn't feel more different.

I also picked up a OEM car cover for the M.

BlazenXLT Fri, Aug-01-2008 02:40:05 AM

2 May 2008

I started my car and notice right away that something was wrong. It had a rough idle and the SES light came on. I had picked up a Peake Research scan tool (easily pays for itself, highly recommended). After pulling the codes (misfire and fuel cut-off on 2 cylinders) and consulting M3forum, I diagnosed it as faulty coil packs.

Since this was address in a service bulletin (SIB 12 24 05, see here, I made an appointment at Tischer to have the packs replaced. All six were replaced same day. Props to Tischer :thumbsup2:

BlazenXLT Fri, Aug-01-2008 02:49:58 AM

6 May 2008

First round of more serious mods and maintenance.

The M3 was taken to Funktion Auto in Sterling, VA for the following:

- Transmission fluid (Royal Purple)
- Diff fluid (Royal Purple)
- Short Shift Kit (Autosolutions)
- Tranny mounts (Rouge Engineering)
- Spark plugs (OEM)
- Fuel Filter (OEM)
- Alignment
- Daytime running lights turned off (angel eyes to follow)

The SSK if by far the best mod to date. The difference is amazing. I paired the kit with a new shift boot and knob.

BlazenXLT Fri, Aug-01-2008 03:01:51 AM

Late May 2008

Added EAS LED V1.0 Angel Eyes, black/white roundels, and invisilite bulbs in the front corners.

I also noticed that my rear view mirror looked like a lava lamp. Apparently this has happen to many people and the original mirrors were replaced by the manufacturer.

By contacting Sybesma Electronics, I got a replacement for $75 and did the swap myself. Not too bad when you consider how bad the dealership fees would be.

BlazenXLT Fri, Aug-01-2008 03:12:57 AM

June 2008

I bought my first SLR camera and decided to try it out with my friend and his S4. I'm still learning to use the camera, but here are a couple of the better shots.

and we saw a crazy turtle that night...

BlazenXLT Sun, Aug-10-2008 03:32:47 PM

10 Aug 2008

CSL replica diffuser installed.

I picked up a Delsa CSL replica diffuser from another forum member (thanks Boxed!). I had it wet sanded and repainted. Thanks to Revision Auto for the great work. Pics...
Old (I know, I know, it's dirty.)


I'd say the fit is a 9 out of 10. Next step...fill it with new exhaust :thumbsup2:

boostkid Sun, Aug-10-2008 04:20:13 PM

Nice mods.

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