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Default Re: Saved a couple of M3s from certain death! (vanos failure - lots of pics!)

Great work Kevin! Thanks for providing relevant info to the community.

Since nobody comes on here to report a fully functional s54 and vanos unit; I will give it a go.

-2nd owner (03/02 build date)
-Purchased Jan 2008 with 38,XXX miles
-Car was dealer maintained prior (e.g. 15k oil changes)
-The s54 hit redline every day it's driven (after warming up)
-Replaced cam gear bolts based on hysteria posted on this forum.
-4 cracks in subframe discovered 08/10 (later reimbursed)
-8-10 HPDE's on the car that I'm aware of (approximately 700-1000 track miles)
-Half a dozen auto-x events
-Various bolt-on performance parts
-Various tunes (Turner, D/A, ESS, and now Evolve)
-10w60 every 6-7000 miles.

I just completed a valve adjustment at 91,000 miles. 21 of 24 valves were adjusted. Upgraded cam-gear bolts didn't budge. Tabs were fine.

I wring the neck of this car every time my oil temp reaches 175*F (Cliff notes: I beat the hell out of it). I don't make a living wrenching on cars so I would classify myself as a piss-poor mechanic....but this is an easy fix guys. Put down the VISA/MC for all your mods, wheels, grilles etc.. and save for a rainy day. The hub, solenoid, and VANOS pump unit (brand new OEM) is much less than the set of LM's you're drooling over, or the SS v2 headers.

And for the folks that fork out $5,000+ for a "VANOS fix" at the dealer, just know that you can purchase yourself a warrantied and used s54 longblock (including VANOS and installed) for much less than that. Soon enough, you may be able to purchase TWO s54's for the price of one dealer VANOS swap.

Just stirring the pot,
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