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Default Torque Spec thread

Hey everyone !

In addition to the torque spec thread that is stickied in this section, I thought I would do a little PDF files with the actual drawings and torque values.
Easy to read, print, and have in the garage.
Describing torques with this is a lot easier than writing the name of the actual part and torque value.

Here you go for the download : DOWNLOAD (updated 2017/3/3)

Please do not hesitate to comment for anything that could correct / make the file better !

Stay up to date !
Simple give me your email address using this link :
and I will send you update warnings about the file


Change log
2016 April 8
- Corrected drive shaft center bolt (connecting both parts) torque : 97 Nm with loctite
- Corrected differential subframe front bolt tightening torque (90 Nm for the stud / 77 Nm for the nut)
- Better display of transmission / guibo / propshaft connecting bolts torques
- Corrected front reinforcement plate angle torque (90 +/- 30 and not 90+30)
- Corrected front strut brace nuts torque (24 Nm instead of 40 Nm)
- Corrected front top strut housing torque

2016 April 10
- Added information for main bearing screws
- Added information for cylinder head screws
- Added torque for sealer plug for rocker arm shaft
- Added torque for 11111736005 bolt
- Corrected header -> cylinder head bolt (15 Nm M7 as per TIS)
- Corrected spark plug torque (23 3 Nm as per TIS instead of 25 Nm)
- Corrected value for knock sensor to engine block torque
- Corrected torque value for cranshaft pulse generator (9 Nm instead of 5 Nm)
- Corrected value on holder on oil cooler line
- Corrected value on headers to section 2 bolts (differentiation US version / Euro version)
- Corrected clutch master cylinder to pedal assembly bolt torque
- Corrected values for clutch hydraulic pipes coupling bolts
- Added complete gearbox tightening torques information (including SMG specific torques)
- Corrected reverse light switch (16 Nm instead of 20 Nm)
- Corrected guibo to transmission output flange torque
- Corrected stabilize link torque
- Added steering column adjusment screw torque
- Added steering colum sliding piece nut torque
- Corrected torques on rear upper / lower control arms
- Added door hinge and closing bar nuts torques
- Added front impact absorber tightening torque
- Corrected seat belt slider to body bolt torque

2016 August 23
- Added information about differential (Axle cap bolts + preload...)

2017 January 31
- Added lots of information for engine rebuild
- Made a permanent link to latest version :
To be checked
- Alternator pulley torque ?

Original post :
Sorry, no turbro thread here.
But, it's not because the E46 M3 has no torque that it cannot be torqued right, right ?

So I made this : updated

I will add it to the torque thread. Tried to verify as many as possible, but of course I may have made mistakes, so please tell me if you see any !

I made this because we took a friend's car apart in order to repair the RACP, and we wanted to torque everything back to factory specs, which got me started.
I will print this and always leave it in the garage. Very easy to check tightening torques.

Any feedback on how to make it better appreciated !
- Florian E46 M3 tightening torques PDF
2004 M3 TiAg / LSB SMG

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