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Default Re: HTE Performance Tuning Group-Buy -- Let's get these cams dialed in!

I was going to reach out to Hassan directly so this is a plus however I prob wont even have the cams installed for 4+ months until the weather is starting to break again here...away for the winter now.

1) My car is an E36 w/ S54 swap currently running Alpha N. Im guessing that's no problem but probably a few different settings and a few more things to delete in the software vs e46 chassis. Just checking to make sure he is cool with that or if I should just contact him offline and stay out of the group buy.

2) Dyno preference - Does he care? Not all dynos can apply a load which is preferred when tuning. I can get to one pretty easily but everyone else might not be able to - just throwing that out there.

3) Estimated dyno time to book, 2 hours? I mean Im sure he has a map thats "pretty close" out of the box for most setups and Im guessing majority of time is spent dialing in, just curious how often that usually takes.

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