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Originally Posted by Custom Performance View Post
On the Euro M3, the EGT port is on section 1, before the cat. If you don't have the EGT probe installed, you will get a CEL, but the car should run OK. I have built a few Euro CRT where the EGT port is on the front of the cat on the CRT. Like this...

With this setup, it's just plug and play. You would just need to ensure the pre and post O2s are in the right location. Then, install the EGT probe. No CEL, no rasp, and no software needed. The challenge is finding an EGT port to weld onto the CRT cat. The EGT port pictured above come off a set of OE headers. If you have a old set of OE headers, and can cut the EGT port off, then I can build you a Euro CRT.

why not just use the egt port on the headers if you have one there?

whos midpipe is that?
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