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Originally Posted by EricSMG View Post
Hmmm.... you'll need to search (or ask someone to post up) for the picture of the 02 routing under the hood and go from there. I remember it was a bit confusing to keep track of them.

That said, my headers have a spot for all 4 02s AND an EGT port... so I didn't actually remove/alter anything. Car ran good. Euro headers only have 2 02 bungs as the rears are meant to be installed into the Euro section 1 (after the cats.) I'm not sure about the EGT either. You might need to get a couple bungs welded into your stock sec 1 and reinstall your rear 02s and then get software...... because I think most software requires all 4 O2s..... I know mine does.
Well..things are never easy. I dont have my personal welder machine here in my garage so I guess this will be a shop job...
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