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Originally Posted by M3_Modness View Post
WOW!! You did some MAJOR prep work! My wife's 323i had some serious wear on her grey leather seats and it didnt look that great after treating them with the leatherique, but when I hit them for a second time a few days later they really looked good again, the wear on the bolsters toned down dramatically and even improved further a few days after the second treatment...

Have you thought about doing a followup treatment?
ill have to think about that this fall when i do it over again.. thanks for the tip. i look forward to treating again.

Originally Posted by Obioban View Post
I wonder what causes some people's seats to be all cracked like that. Maybe not conditioning the leather throughout the life of the car? Maybe untinted (not UV filtered) windows? I see it all the time, but my car shows no signs of doing it at all, at 110,000 miles
i think you are right .. i would say its a combination of the windows not being tinted and being left unconditioned from the previous owner. the front windows of my car were never tinted so that explains it.
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