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Default Can I have a bad ring but not burn oil?

So, Hello all im new to this forum. I recently picked up a 98 m3 with 157k, super clean for $4500. Problem is, it has one cylinder with 90psi. All others were 175-180. Thats why I got it so cheap. The prev owner said he was driving it, and it started running rough. He pulled over and it sounded fine at idle. Got back in the car thinking maybe it was too cold. Continued driving, to notice it felt like it was missing. Immediately went back home and parked it. Pulled the plugs, all looked clean. Towed it down to the shop and ran a compression test. Cyl 2 was abnormally low... 90. But the car doesnt smoke at all. No coolant in the oil, or vise versa. Is it possible you could drop that much in compression and not burn oil? I have budgeted for a valve job, but if its a piston im screwed!

THanks for any input.
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