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thanks for the input guys. Yeah I'm suprised they didn't do a leakdown test. Im just praying its not bottom end. The car has higher mileage, but I do know it was dealer maintained for its life, and it 100% stock. Is it very common to have a head gasket go, and not have fluids mix? And I was under the assumption that overheating was the cause to blow a gasket. (on a n/a engine). My mechanic is coming over to do a leakdown on it today(I hope). I have done major engine work on hondas, subies, and vr6's, but I'm new to BMW's. I really hope its just a head issue. If the leakdown indicated the bottom end, Im going to look for a good used engine, rather than having it rebuilt. If its a valve, I'm going to do a valvejob/HG, and all assc parts. How long do the chains normally go? My mechanic is super anal and wants to do it all. But in my opinion, if they are in spec, Id like to leave em...Thanks again for your input, Im just praying to the bmw gods its a HG, or burnt valve.
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