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Originally Posted by graphite9 View Post
well, I just did the oil trick. I dumped an oil bottle cap into the problematic cyl. Think It might have been too much because it jumped to 275...EEK. Im gonna wait till my mechanic brings his leak down tester over. I did notice a tad bit of oily looking substance on the plug when I first pulled it before the tests. But, It could be all the unburned fuel the in the cylinder. Does anyone know where the best source for used motors is? Seems like they run about $3500 with 80-150k. If the head needs a valve job, I can have it machined, and all associated parts+labor for under $1,700. If its the bottom, I'll part out the engine and grab a good donor.
An oil cap is certainly not that much. 275psi? That would lead me to believe you have a faulty tester.

Redo that test with your mechanic around. Make sure the engine is warmed up when you do this test.
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