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Originally Posted by lagunasecablue View Post
I don't know whether it's street legal or not but consider that it has a 6 point cage in it. You don't want to drive a car with a cage on the street without a helmet. If your head hits the cage in an accident you could get massive head trauma.

Either go complete street safety equipment or complete track safety equipment. Any compromise in between is not worth the danger. Once I drove on the track extensively the novelty of driving a race car on the street wore off quickly.

yea, see thats what i was wondering. whether or not it was a full cage. i am aware of that the bar that goes across the roof up infront of your head is bad news.

Originally Posted by eric1h View Post
Yeah lights work and dash in still in, although as stated is has a full cage, could be made "street legal" for occasional street driving, but not something i would want to use as a DD. There are no cats either so depending on state that could be an issue too.
yea, ok. it dont really bother me.

my last 240 was fully stripped with a cage and it was a DD. thats why im so interested in picking it up as a DD. lol. and i dont have to worry about emissions. so weel see. lemme sell my 240s and i might get into contact with you.
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