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1 Oct 2007

Service Engine Soon. Damn.

Since I was due for the next oil change and the SES light was on, I went ahead and visited Martin's Auto Service (Gaithersburg MD, great little shop). The fault code was for the exhaust camshaft position sensor. The bigger problem was the oil leak they found at the front of the engine. Damn.

I notified the dealership since I was still within warranty. An appointment was made for me to go back to Richmond to get everything done. New tires (and alignment, so it doesn't happen again), replace bad sensor, fix oil leak.

Again, I thank Richmond BMW. I was given a loaner and a week later picked up my car. My final invoice included new front tires, alignment, new camshaft sensor, new final stage blower resistor (fan started to act up), and fixing the oil leak (consisted of probably two dozen seals and gaskets and TONS of labor). The total was $2819.76...all covered.
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