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Cars for Sale/Wanted Place to list your private cars for sale. ONLY BMW's.

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Old Mon, Oct-29-2018, 04:29:16 PM   #1
Ginsu Tim
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Default Legendary 1988 325ix for sale

Own a unique piece of German history! I'm selling my pristine(1) 1988 325ix with about 246,000 miles on the clock. This amazing example is one of only 310(2) ALL WHEEL DRIVE E30 BMWs that made it to the states! This car has been meticulously(3) maintained throughout its life and has actually been in my family since 1991! I'm the 3rd owner and have owned it since April 2010. Time flies. The chassis is a masterpiece(4). The handling is sublime(5). The acceleration will put a smile on your face and make you laugh so hard you piss your pants(6).

Car runs great and is in overall great shape for a vehicle of this age. I bought it with 217k miles on it, and over the past few years I've done the following, and probably more:
- New clutch (2018)
- Rebuilt/replaced front passenger drive shaft, replaced front CV boots (2017)
- New radiator (2012ish?)
- A lot of new cooling stuff
- New driver's side interior door handle (2018)
- A lot of new seals in the motor
- New timing belt (2011, 2017)
- New muffler(s)

This car has served me well as a kid hauler and city car. Although it has a fairly healthy appetite for motor oil (give it a quart every 300 miles or so), it runs fantastically. Cylinder 5 seems to be the culprit as I probably replace that spark plug every 2k miles or so. Other than that - and once you get use to the quirks it's good!

This fukker is a cult classic, so I'm asking $7,000, but I'm willing to talk. PM me if you're interested!

Q: How are the brakes?
A: If you're asking whether it stops, the answer is yes.

Q: Is it safe?
A: I mean ... I've never died in it!

Q: What about the suspension?
A: What about the suspension?

Q: Is the paint original?
A: Sometimes life presents the greatest mysteries, and it's so much fun to try and solve them!

Q: Has it ever been in an accident?
A: I don't think so. Certainly not under my care. I did rub fenders with a parked car during a snow storm, but the contact was on the fender flare, and it just pushed in the front left quarter a little bit. Besides that, I honestly don't know. My uncle owned it from 1991-2010, and he told me he never had an accident in it. Does that help?

Q: Does the AWD work?
A: That's an insulting question! Hell yah it works! this fukker claws through snow and mud like Bob Barker at a sorority party.

Q: Are the tires new?
A: Sure! Tires probably have 12k miles on them, and are 4ish years old.

... I think that's about it!

(1)not really.
(2)this is an estimate, I don't really know how many actually came here, but it wasn't very many!
(4)if you can call it that.
(5)compared to a minivan.
(6)no footnote needed here. Everything about that statement is accurate.
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1988 Alpine White 325ix (OO==[][]==OO) - Gone but not forgotten

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Discussing Legendary 1988 325ix for sale in the Cars for Sale/Wanted Forum - Place to list your private cars for sale. ONLY BMW's. at BMW M3 (E30 M3 | E36 M3 | E46 M3 | E92 M3 | F80/X)